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Stay up to date on the latest information about clean diesel and the Diesel Technology Forum.

Featured News and Resources

    News & Resources

    Stay up to date on the latest information about clean diesel and the Diesel Technology Forum.

  • Policy Insider | 10/13/20

    Beyond Pumpkins: It’s Harvest Time

    av 日本Role of diesel technology planting, harvesting & transporting foodstuffs from the fields to grocery store shelves helps feed a growing world.

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  • av 日本🚛🚚 For the city, the countryside, and the freeway: Paving the way for climate-neutral transportation, we're develop…

    av 日本@BoschGlobal 10/08/20

  • With its best-in-class towing of 36,000 lbs., the 2021 #Silverado 3500 HD can easily haul five of its closest frien…

    @ChevyTrucks 10/07/20

  • av 日本Designed to efficiently harvest more, the new #Fendt model 10 and 10T #IDEALcombines feature the largest engine in…

    @AGCOcorp 10/07/20

  • Press Release | 10/06/20

    New CA Port Emissions Data Shows Advanced Diesel Technology Boosts Clean Air for Frontline Communities

    av 日本97 percent reduction in truck particulate emissions even as cargo volumes expand by 14 percent

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  • Policy Insider | 10/05/20

    Choose Purple: If Diesel were a candidate, would it be Republican or Democrat?

    Diesel reaches across the aisle - to be both economically powerful technology to get job done today while advancing clean air & GHG reduction benefits needed to be sustainable technology for tomorrow.

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  • av 日本COVID-19 is deepening food insecurity for children and farmers. So, the AGCO Agriculture Foundation donated $100…

    av 日本@AGCOcorp 10/01/20

  • Webinar

    Forum Insights: Fuels and Technology in the West

    Join us on October 27 for a look at data, characteristics and the role of heavy-duty engines and equipment in the West’s economy.

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  • av 日本Press Release | 09/25/20

    Celebrating National Truck Technician Appreciation Week

    av 日本Behind every safe and efficient truck, there is an army of dedicated technicians.

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  • av 日本Future Airports in go for clean construction: clean diesel is ready! Requirement for low emissions vehicle…

    @DieselTechForum 09/24/20

  • av 日本Using to make - broke ground on wind turbine to power biorefinery. Th…

    @DieselTechForum 09/24/20

  • We use innovative technologies to develop sustainable solutions for a climate-neutral drive and energy future. Our…

    av 日本@mtusolutions 09/24/20

  • Webinar

    Forum Insights: Southeast

    A look at data, characteristics & role of heavy-duty engines & equipment in the Southeast’s economy.

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  • Like many solutions, it started as a simple pencil sketch. Find out how our Tier 4 marine engine was created — a ye…

    av 日本@CaterpillarInc 09/23/20

  • Look inside a diesel engine and see the benefits #biodiesel offers. Increased lubricity, higher cetane, and fewer d…

    @Biodiesel_Media 09/23/20

  • Webinar

    Brawn & Brains of Equipment to Build Back Better: Machine and Equipment Innovations and Trends for the Future

    Leading equipment manufacturers discuss current state of diesel technology & future developments to help deliver infrastructure projects on time, under budget, with near-zero emissions.

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  • With deliveries to over 75 countries, we have designed and produced more than 75,000 EMD® diesel engines — exceedin…

    @Progress_Rail 09/22/20

  • av 日本RT : and renewable diesel are turning waste products into clean, green sustainable fuel. Across the country, users…

    @DieselTechForum 09/22/20

  • av 日本Can the diesel engine get more energy efficient? Yes! see what Weichai, say -- Efficiency Breakthroug…

    av 日本@DieselTechForum 09/21/20

  • Press Release | 09/21/20

    Energy Transitions, Carbon Reduction & Climate Change: Diesel Technology’s Role in the Future

    It's clear that diesel technologies are and will remain key piece of global transportation & goods movement systems for decades to come.

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  • Recent News | 09/21/20

    Advantages and Challenges of Utilizing BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid

    DTF speaks to Voice of America on BlueDEF diesel exhaust fluid…

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  • av 日本Engines: Is diesel still king of the off-road? Obviously our answer is YES but take a look at what industry leaders…

    @DieselTechForum 09/19/20

  • av 日本More power: MTU's Series 2000 yacht engine now has 2000 mhp. With an output of 1,472 kilowatts - equivalent to more…

    av 日本@mtusolutions 09/15/20

  • av 日本Recent News | 09/15/20

    Madison to receive $7.5M grant from VW cheating settlement for new diesel buses

    Madison is in line to receive $7.5 million from the Volkswagen emissions cheating settlement to replace 15 buses with new diesel-powered models.…

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  • #Biodegradable products & #recycling have created a new future where plastics re-enter the economy as high-performi…

    av 日本@Neste_NA 09/14/20

  • Nearly half of the large dozers Caterpillar sells are D9 Dozers — and for good reason. They’re the smart choice for…

    av 日本@CatMining 09/14/20

  • #Harvest2020 may look a little different due to storms, drought and a pandemic, so the benefits #biodiesel and farm…

    @REGbiofuels 09/14/20

  • We’re bringing the #Fendt 300 Vario Series to North America. Light yet powerful, the tractors offer the features an…

    av 日本@AGCOcorp 09/14/20

  • Policy Insider | 09/11/20

    Are You Ready? – Proven Technologies Key for Emergency Preparedness

    av 日本First responders, emergency planners & elected officials have full array of capabilities to prepare for, prevent & respond to disasters and diesel technology plays a leading role.

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  • av 日本Press Release | 09/09/20

    Analysis of VW Settlement $ Shows States Maximizing Benefits with Investments in New Gen Diesel Tech

    Nearly $3B in funds set aside as part of VW settlement being heavily invested in new gen diesel technologies. New diesel options proving popular choice that is delivering bulk of clean air benefits.

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  • Press Release: The new Cat 963 Track Loader combines ultimate versatility with up to 10% better fuel efficiency, mo…

    @CaterpillarInc 09/07/20

  • av 日本Today, we celebrate the American success story of #biodiesel which powers fleets and helps drive the economy with m…

    av 日本@Biodiesel_Media 09/07/20

  • We're a global supplier of retrofit diesel emissions control systems for non-road machines. We have many applicatio…

    @Johnson_Matthey 09/07/20

  • av 日本Proven on tankers, cargo vessels and cruise ships, diesel-electric power provided by MaK™ gen sets now makes its wa…

    av 日本@CatMarineGlobal 09/03/20

  • Green energy supply for the island of Rarotonga: Rolls-Royce supplies three MTU-branded battery containers for a mi…

    @rrpowersystems 09/03/20

  • av 日本Policy Insider | 09/01/20

    Uncertainty for Back to School Abounds, But School Buses Are Ready

    av 日本Districts are ready with latest generation of advanced technology diesel school buses with recent funding from EPA’s school bus rebate program & VW Environmental Mitigation Trust.

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  • av 日本Kudos to for their wise choice of mobile diesel generators using renewable diesel fuel. They procured 600,…

    @DieselTechForum 08/29/20

  • av 日本Recent News | 08/27/20

    TDEC Seeks Medium & Large Truck Projects Under VW Trust

    TN Dept. of Environment and Conservation released 3rd solicitation for projects under VW Diesel Settlement Environmental Mitigation Trust…

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  • av 日本Diesel power is ready to help with preparations for . From emergency backup generators to response a…

    @DieselTechForum 08/26/20

  • Combination of off-road-ready parts and one seriously strong diesel engine in the 2020 1500 make for qui…

    @DieselTechForum 08/26/20

  • North Carolina’s $92M Spending Plan Delivers More for the Dollar While Leading the Nation i…

    @DieselTechForum 08/26/20

  • av 日本Today’s new generation of diesel emergency backup generators provides safe, reliable, proven and portable power whe…

    @DieselTechForum 08/25/20

  • Press Release | 08/25/20

    Wildfires & Rolling Blackouts Underscores Importance of Diesel Power in CA

    Diesel technology on front lines of wildfire response, protecting electrical grid & delivering proven clean air and GHG emissions benefits.

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  • Recent News | 08/21/20

    Webinar explores diesel’s green potential

    av 日本Does diesel have a green future? Yes, according to some of the companies involved in developing new technologies.…

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  • av 日本Press Release | 08/19/20

    California Governor Newsom Right on Steps to Mitigate Effects of Rolling Blackouts

    av 日本Deploying backup power assets will help protect public health and safety

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  • av 日本From small pore zeolite development for clean diesel to alternative feedstocks for a sustainable future, read about…

    av 日本@Johnson_Matthey 08/18/20

  • .@Cummins Power Generation may be a century old this year, but it certainly knows and thing or two about technology…

    @Cummins 08/18/20

  • Neste's vision of a #circulareconomy is a win-win-win for cities, businesses and residents. Sourced from collected…

    @Neste_NA 08/17/20

  • Learning your #fleet has run on #biodiesel can be a #gamechanger. See what we mean:

    av 日本@REGbiofuels 08/17/20

  • The four MTU 20V 4000 M73 engines are still hanging on the hook - soon they will power the largest yacht ever built…

    av 日本@mtusolutions 08/17/20

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